Concrete flooring is flexible and varied, an easy-to-clean solution! Through the use of stains, stamps and epoxy, concrete flooring can look like almost anything you want! This flooring is durable, and requires minimum maintenance. Concrete is an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional carpet or wood flooring. Create a unique flooring for your home!

Concrete polishing is a new wave in flooring which allows for the restoration of existing slabs and the improvement of new slabs that is superior in many ways to all other flooring. Our 8-step process of honing and polishing while utilizing a lithium based densifier and finished with a stain guard, your floor will have a longer lasting and better shine.

Staining produces a distinctive, permanent color with marbled and translucent effects, much like natural stone. It does not cover up existing surfaces as a conventional stain or paint; rather it can be used in conjunction with surfaces that have already been color hardened or integrally colored to create a uniquely beautiful look that cannot be duplicated by any other process.

We use color quartz and vinyl flake systems to provide top notch epoxy flooring systems. Our floor epoxy is only made with commercial-grade high-performance epoxies and urethane. Our surface is completely non-slip and provides for a fantastic finish. The chemical and stain resistant feature is perfect for garages, offices, commercial, retail, kitchens, and labs. We also offer pigmented epoxy floor systems and multiple color varieties. Contact us today for the different options for your next floor!

Additional Services Include: